“I am a personal injury attorney and am getting a settlement for my client who suffered a disability from their injury. Are there timing issues on when payments should be made from the settlement?”


When you have settled a lawsuit for a client and you know that the money is going to be paid out by the defendant any day now, you might have a question as to whether there's a specific way it should go out to a client with disabilities.



“I’m a personal injury attorney representing a client who suffered a disability or traumatic brain injury from an accident. What should I be aware of when seeking a settlement for my client?”


“The insurance company is suggesting we need a Medicare Set Aside trust. Can you do this? What should it look like?”




"I am a personal injury attorney representing a client who was injured in an accident and I want your help with drafting a SNT (Special Needs Trust).

Can you help?”

If you're an attorney who's helping a client obtain a personal injury settlement, you can come to our office and we can help you with drafting a special needs trust. That is something that we do routinely.  And there are different kinds of special needs trusts.

There are .


Please see our most recent article in the August, 2015 NH Bar News.


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