"I moved in with my parents 10 years ago.  Can their house be put into my name now that they're going into a nursing home?"

If you have moved into your parent’s home in order to provide care to them and a parent then goes into a nursing home, this can be a very scary situation. You may have given up your home, you may have moved from your own personal residence, in with your parents. There also are people that have always lived with their .


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 “I heard the state is going to take my house if my spouse gets admitted to a nursing home. Is that true?”


We have many clients who have the unfortunate decision of putting a loved one into a nursing home. When it's your spouse, it can be a major concern because you're worried about your own financial health.  And we have many clients who have come in saying “I'm going to lose my home” or “They're going to put a lien on my home so I can't .



“I’m a personal injury attorney representing a client who suffered a disability or traumatic brain injury from an accident. What should I be aware of when seeking a settlement for my client?”

In New Hampshire, an individual legally becomes an adult at age 18.  As a result, there are a number of issues that require consideration well in advance of a family member’s 18th birthday.  


Divorce is never an easy process and it becomes more complicated when children are involved and parents are considering how to structure custody, support, and visitation. If a child with special needs is impacted by a divorce, additional care must be taken to adequately provide for your child’s unique short and long-term needs.


“My mom died and owned a car. Can my dad register it in his name?”

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) Medicaid program offers a number of programs that provide long term supports and services to individuals living in the community.  One such program is the Choices for Independence program or CFI, which provides services to elderly and disabled adults.   To qualify for CFI, applicants must meet certain financial and medical eligibility standards.  Financial eligibility is based .


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