“I don’t want to worry about Medicaid and a friend said that I should buy an annuity now, should I?”

Many clients come into our office having received all kinds of advice from their friends, families and neighbors. One piece of advice that we've heard several times is “I understand that I need to buy an annuity now to protect my money in the event that my spouse goes into a nursing home in the future, is that right?” or “I’ve been told I .


“I’m my dad’s agent under a Power of Attorney and he is no longer competent. My sister needs money and keeps asking for information. Do I need to provide information to her?”


My dad just died and had a trust, but I’m being told that I need an executor. What does that mean?

January 10


I was told I need a trust. What is it, and why would I need one?


Providing for a child or adult with special needs requires meticulous planning. Once families have created their special needs trust, ensured medical benefits are in place and preserved, and selected a capable trustee to manage their loved one’s assets or inheritance, what else is needed? The answer perhaps is one of the most important pieces – not a formal legal document, but something much more personal—the “letter of intent.”  For .


“My dad went into a nursing home and mom is at home – is there anything we can do to protect my mom?”



“I am a personal injury attorney and am getting a settlement for my client who suffered a disability from their injury. Are there timing issues on when payments should be made from the settlement?”


When you have settled a lawsuit for a client and you know that the money is going to be paid out by the defendant any day now, you might have a question as to whether there's a specific way it should go out to a client with disabilities.


A Medicaid look-back period relates to how far back the state of New Hampshire can look at your financial records to determine whether you're financially eligible for Medicaid nursing facility benefits.


“My mom died and my sister is the trustee. I’m not getting any information. What should I do?”

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